Updating unifi to debian bullseye

With version 7.5 unifi finally supports openjdk17 which means it is about time to update the vm to bullseye. Of course the mongodb dependency is still horribily outdated. Luckily old mongodb  debs for buster are still available at https://www.mongodb.com/download-center/community/releases

The unifi deb required < 5.0. 4.4 reported that it is too new for the database and 4.2 failed to migrate the database so I had to start again.

  • Download a backup of the config before upgrading.
  • After the upgrade wipe /var/lib/unifi/db
  • Create a dummy account like described here: https://gist.github.com/AmazingTurtle/e8a68a0cbe501bae15343aacbf42a1d8
  • Login and restore the backup.

Music stats 2022

Not many new discoveries in 2022. Due to the holiday in Paris there has been more French in the list

  1. Bluba LU – Tonight
  2. Milena – Istinata
  3. Nadiya – Tired of being sorry
  4. P.I.F. Kambanite
  5. Vitaa & Slimane – Je te le donne

KDE taskbar grouping not showing list

After a recent KDE upgrade, the taskbar grouping did not work anymore. Instead of e.g. a list of open files in gvim i had to click multiple times on the entry in the taskbar to cycle through the list of windows.

I couldn’t find the solution on google (most likely because I use the wrong terms to describe this feature) so here is a blog post to help people like me.

The solution: Right click -> Task Manager Settings -> Behaviour -> Clicking grouped Task -> Shows textual list.

Profanity IM cheat sheet

profanity IM is a nice XMPP client for the console.

Here is a list of commands, I can’t remember:

To answer a “authorization request” use

/sub allow user@jabber.service

This is article will be updated in case I have to lookup for another command….

Summer update

It is been 5 months since I last updated the blog.

So far no ECTS points for last term, due to some family problems. But the term started again, this time course on ottoman Palaeography.

Spent a great but expensive holiday in Greece.

Some payed traveling in September to Ireland, Croatia and Germany, year with the most flight miles since 2010. Due to some unfortunate events will be travel to Germany again next week.

While during summer I did lots of cycling to work. Unfortunately in September I got lazy again.

May Update

Noticed today that it has been 11 months since I returned to my current workplace. That means I have been back for longer than I had been away. Makes you think…

Apart from that busy in the hamster wheel. Some activities I should blog about elsewhere.

Just fixed a ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error on my blog. Seems to be php-fm isn’t as stable as expected. If this occurs again I will have to investigate further.

April Update

If you read this, I have switched my webserver from lighttpd, which I have been using for more than 8 years to caddy. Reasons: Built in Letsencrypt support. No longer dealing with spurious failures of the acme client. Config file looks really readable. Lets see how the memory footprint will develop. Also nar.arved.priv.at was updated to 10.4. There are still some maintaince tasks like switch from lighttpd’s spawncgi to php-fpm. But for now it seams I have working config.

March Update

Family off for family visit for two weeks. Unfortunately will not be able to make it through my long list of things to do. Work and university will take most of my time.
As the weather is quite bad, bought some swimming goggles, hope I will use them at least once.

This term at university I haven’t found a turkology course that I need and that doesn’t collide with other appointments. So this will be the last term for 18 EUR. Next term it will 380 EUR, so hopefully I will be able to study more serious to get more for my money.