ORKPLACE @ Google Maps

In the last days everyone has posted a Google Map to his blog.
Mine is not very original, my workplace.
The advantage of having an office near the airport, the Google Map is available in the best resolution.
I hope I don’t break an NDA, when i disclose that i am working the building that looks like a drunk H.


At work i am forced to use subversion.
I don’t understand why a lot of people rate svn superior to CVS, it has at least three major defects:

  • svn log is incredible slow compared to CVS and p4
  • svn diff has no -u arg
  • At least on linux svn does not respond to CTRL+C


I finally enabled https on my webserver. Now i don’t have to fear that someone tries to sniff the password for my blog, when i am on a public WLAN :).
I have not switched the default of this blog, because i am not sure if every RSS-Feedreader on the planet supports https and i am also not sure how my slow EPIA system any my slow ADSL line performs.

Out of PRs

There are currently only 650 open Problem Reports in the ports/ category. Less than 100 are unassigned. This is the lowest number since 2001. And the next portsfreeze is more than a month away, so there is a realistic chance to further decrease it (555 should be doable). At the moment even unsexy PRs get handled in a short time.
Unfortunately at the same time the kern/ category has reached an alltime high of more than 1500 open bug reports, so i am trying to cleanup some cruft there. I really need an src commit bit.
Reference: FreeBSD PR stats

The cat

This cat has been in my garden for a few hours now.
Update: The cat belongs to my neighbors and unlike their old cat, the young one is able to jump over to fence.

Another level

..of advertising.
Cisco announced the “Cisco Expo Austria”.
Customers are invited to pay 450 EUR (excl. taxes) to listen to Cisco Marketing talks.
After I didn’t register immediately upon receiving the invitation via Email and didn’t register after receiving a second invitation via Snailmail, last week someone from Cisco Austria phoned me and asked me if i wanted to register. I told him that i am not really interested in this kind of events.
Today I got another email from our key account Manager, offering an Education discount. Now i have the chance to listen to Cisco Marketing talks for only 150 EUR (excl. taxes) if i manage to persuade nine university members to join me.
Looks like they have a problem persuading enough victims.

Migrating to PF

So Teemu has been nagging me for some time. And Darren seems to have no time to fix ipfilter.
So today i migrated to pf. It was quite straight forward, although not as easy as the ipfw -> ipfilter Migration a few years ago, which worked surprisingly on my first try.
This time i needed three tries, first i added the wrong pass rules for the redirect rules (In ipfilter the nat is done after filtering, in PF before the filtering), than i confused $int_if:network with $internal_net (no they are not identical in my case), and the last error was, i was blocking RFC1918 nets although i was using one 🙂 (the cause of this error is similar to the first error).
I still don’t quite understand my ruleset (especially, why outgoing ntp packets get blocked although i have allowed all tcp udp outgoing).
But the essential parts seem to work, I can IRC and i can receive emails and you can read my blog.
I will try to fix the cornercases over the next week and try to look at the more sophisticated rules, like spamd, altq, carp, etc.
What i really like about PF is the pflog0 device, it makes it really easy to analyze errors in the ruleset.