I can’t commit

All Computers that have one of my FreeBSD.org SSH Keys on their disk are shut down.
My fingers are itching, but I can’t work for FreeBSD on Christmas.

Goodbye 5.1, Hello 5.2

Okay, All my three 5.x Machines are running 5.2-BETA now.
5.1 was released on June 9. It was a huge improvement over 5.0 which had several problems that bite me, like a broken xl(4) driver that made it unusable. 5.1 worked for half a year on my main Workstation and no major problems prevented me from being productive. Although le tried to use it on the univie newscore, and found several problems under heavy load.
Hopefully 5.2 will be as stable. Before Codefreeze CURRENT was quite unstable due to several last-minute commits. But after a week in Codefreeze it feels usable again.

KDE failures before a release

As always before a release KDE fails on some strange architectures, resulting in annoying mails from Kris on the KDE Mailinglist. This time aRts on AMD64 (somewhere in gsllib) and koffice on IA64 (The usual -fPIC issue). I am currently testing a sledgehammer fix for koffice on pluto2 and I hope Adriaan takes a look at aRts.

Final Countdown FreeBSD 5.2

With two days delay, caused by problems with the bento-Ports Cluster, the Ports Freeze has finally started. Unfortunately the TODO list ist still quite long, so I don’t know if we will manage to release before Chrismas.
I spent the weekend, updating the evil Acer Laptop to 5.2-BETA, which went surprisingly smooth and with help from Lukas I tried to explore the ACPI Configuration. Unfortunately “shutdown -p” still does not work, and resume is also broken.

More Kernel Bugs than Ports Bugs

Yesterday was a celebration day for the FreeBSD ports people. For the first time since two years, there were more kern/ PRs than ports/ PRs.
Click on the image below to get more details from Brian S. Dean’s PR stats