Lerchenfelder Strasse

Last week the Subway station “Lerchenfelder Strasse” was closed. This improves the speed of the U2 so I will have to recalculate which is the fastest way to university.
The station was closed because it was only a few 100 meters to the next station “Volkstheater” and the stations are currently expanded for larger subways.
Also the rotation dock (Not sure if this is the right english word for “Wendeanlage”) at the U2 subway station Karlsplatz is operational again. This should also improve the speed of the U2.

Last weeks Computer troubles.

My main Workstation sauna crashed several times. Sometimes It just reboots, sometimes it hangs. There are several suspects. The Harddrive, because sometimes before it freezes, there are some messages, that the Harddisk timed out. The RAM, because it was the last piece that changed and the electrolytic capacitors, since i read an article in this weeks c’t magazine and the symptoms look similar. I started debugging by removing 512MB of RAM.
After several commits from S�ren to the new ATA driver I rebuilt world on my CURRENT box polly. The Kernel now detected my Harddrives but paniced seconds later while loading the vlan-module. But during reboot there were again strange error messages from the ata subsystem and after the BIOS reinitialized, it didn’t found the bootloader *grrrrrrr*. Today I have to look for floppies to reinstall the bootloader.

Blog Summary

University started, and I haven’t added a single entry into my blog since last weekend. I will try to write several entries as a retrospect.
First a short summary what happened in my favorite blogs.
Rob asked, if blogs are just a annotated link list. Hm, My blog contains only a few links, which aren’t bookmarks for myself, but to illustrate my entries.
So perhaps I should change this, since I never managed to keep a bookmark list, because I use too many computers(Work, Home, Laptop) and too many browsers (Opera, Konqueror and Firebird) => 9 Bookmarklists.
lauri wrote several entries and started to use categories. I am not sure If I will ever follow that direction, since I have no idea how to categorize my entries. BTW jule has a nice category called “Word of the day”..


Spent this weekend upgrading all my machines to the latest patchlevels after
recent security problems:
sauna and annamirl are running 5.1-RELEASE-p10 now. huckfinn is running 4.9-RC. I tried updating polly last weekend, but because ATAng doesn’t run on her, her CURRENT is still a month old.
While compiling I read some university stuff and I started reading Karl May books again, after my sister told me that quite a lot of them are available from ebay.