Final Countdown FreeBSD 5.2

With two days delay, caused by problems with the bento-Ports Cluster, the Ports Freeze has finally started. Unfortunately the TODO list ist still quite long, so I don’t know if we will manage to release before Chrismas.
I spent the weekend, updating the evil Acer Laptop to 5.2-BETA, which went surprisingly smooth and with help from Lukas I tried to explore the ACPI Configuration. Unfortunately “shutdown -p” still does not work, and resume is also broken.

More Kernel Bugs than Ports Bugs

Yesterday was a celebration day for the FreeBSD ports people. For the first time since two years, there were more kern/ PRs than ports/ PRs.
Click on the image below to get more details from Brian S. Dean’s PR stats

Mixed Feelings

Sometimes, when I have solved an exercise or understood a proof, I think it would be fun to study Mathematics.
Sometimes I think Mathematics just sucks and that I am just too stupid to ever understand it.
At the moment the latter prevail. But maybe thats just because I am hungry, tired and another deadline is upcoming.

Two new events

I have added two events to .
I will visit
20C3 at least one day, while travelling back from Germany to Vienna.
In February I plan to visit FOSDEM, because I have never been in Brussel.
In January I already planned to visit NordU. They now have the program online. 2 Full days FreeBSD 5.x tutorial with Kirk McKusick sounds interesting. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about how to pay.

lunar eclipse

Okay added another feed. Godany has nice pictures of last night’s lunar eclipse. I discovered her blog through the Evil Horst’s blog and visited it from time to time last week. Second person in the feedlist that I haven’t talked to yet, neither in Real Life nor on IRC. She is living and working in Vienna.
BTW Now there 10 feeds.


After talking about real money yesterday. This next entry will be about virtual blogshares. You probably noticed the new button on the lower left. I didn’t really understand the concept, but obviously Rob is a professional blogshare player since he already bought shares from this blog.

Looking for a new bank in Germany

Since last week my former bank was “integrated” into the Dresdner Bank.
Look at the Website and you can already see why I am looking for a new bank.
This Website is just ugly, especially the Online Banking portal. The charges will be expensive. And the service is bad too :-(. The most hilarious, they are trying to force me to use their branch bank in Munich which is 400km from Vienna.
Since all banks suck, I am looking for the one that sucks less.
I will need a preferable cheap 🙂 giro and custody account with good Online-Banking Interface that works with Konqueror and Opera.