Windows & IPv6

Today I installed IPv6 for the first time on the Windows XP of my girlfriends laptop.
I have to admit that it was easier than on my iBook, where all browsers prefer IPv4 over IPv6.

Here is an example output of “tracert6”

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\arved>tracert6
Routenverfolgung zu [2001:200:0:8002:203:47ff:fea5:3085]
von 2001:5c0:89f0:2:cd4a:75f6:28fa:e92b ´┐Żber eine maximale Anzahl von 30 Hops:
1        6 MSek     6 MSek     5 MSek [2001:5c0:89f0:2::]
2        4 MSek     3 MSek     6 MSek [2001:5c0:89f0::1]
3      459 MSek   469 MSek   476 MSek  2001:5c0:8fff:fffe::267a
4      549 MSek   552 MSek   459 MSek [2001:5c0:0:2::18]
5      555 MSek   501 MSek     * [3ffe:2900:2001:5::1]
6      532 MSek   545 MSek   664 MSek [2001:440:1239:100a::2]
7      746 MSek   740 MSek   642 MSek  3ffe:2900:b:e::2
8      712 MSek   708 MSek   700 MSek  plt001ix06.IIJ.Net [2001:240:bb62:8000::4001]
9      731 MSek   831 MSek   741 MSek  otm6-bb1.IIJ.Net [2001:240:bb20:f001::2]
10      752 MSek   773 MSek   885 MSek  tky001ix06.IIJ.Net [2001:240:100:1::30]
11      760 MSek   775 MSek   685 MSek [2001:200:0:1800::9c4:2]
12      719 MSek   742 MSek   759 MSek [2001:200:0:1c04::1000:2000]
13      774 MSek   820 MSek   731 MSek [2001:200:0:4819::2000:1]
14      775 MSek   778 MSek   782 MSek [2001:200:0:8002:203:47ff:fea5:3085]

awake at 3.30am

While waiting for mchammer recompiling all his ports after the shared library bump, i finally took the courage to talk to an old friend of mine on ICQ, whom i have not talked to for more than three years.
We chatted for nearly an hour, and now i am fully awake without consuming any caffeine.

New Book on IPSec

There are not many IT books i read front to back, usually i just use them as Reference Manuals, or read the interesting chapters.
I bought “Doraswamy/Harkins – IPSec”, which gives a very good Overview over the topic. The only aspect that missed out was the use of PKI with IPSec.
Unfortunately most books about IPSec are from around 2001, when VPN where the hot topic.
So I am now looking over a good overview over recent developments regarding PKI, X509v3, CMP etc.