Goodbye Eastern Europe!

Just in case you have come to this site looking for a stocks advisory,
I’ll start selling my Eastern Europe funds tomorrow. The russian political situation does not look promising.

CD Garbage

Today I cleaned my CD boxes. Now my garbage can contains two dozen CDs with various magazin CDs with Shareware Collections, Internet browsers and of course Linuxdistributions like DLD 6, Debian 2.2, Mandrake 8, RedHat 7.1, SuSE 7, NetBSD 1.5, a BeOS 4 demo and so on.
I kept the more interesting ones like a SCO Unixware demo, a BeOS 5, and a FreeBSD 3.1 from 1999 (which I probably never installed, since the first one I can remember was 4.0). I have also kept the payware CDs like my “NT Workstation 4.0”.


RSS feeds are back again. le was guilty again. A not encoded Euro sign broke the XML-RSS perl module. Maybe I should switch the script to a less strict XML module, e.g. I found in my http log a python script that promises to manage every broken feed. While typing this topic I noticed that MT also has serious problems with encoding the Eurosign.
BTW the headline also fits to another news item from today. Jean Claude Trichet today replaced Wim Duisenberg as new governor of the European Central Bank.

New 802.11g IOS for Cisco AP1200 Accesspoints available?

On Thurday Release Notes for IOS 12.2(13)JA appeared on the Cisco Website. It looks like this release finally includes support for 802.11g.
Interesting information from the Release Notes:

  • Disable Radios to Prevent Unexpected Reboot When Upgrading System Software
  • Some non-Cisco Aironet 802.11g client devices require a firmware upgrade before they can associate to the 802.11g radio in the access point

Unfortunately it isn’t available from the Download Center yet. Additional AFAIK 802.11g needs new antennas which aren’t available in Austria yet. So it will take some time until the tuwien WLAN supports 802.11g.

XFree86 & VIA KM 400 continued

Yesterday night I retried to get X running on the Acer Aspire 1350.
It looks like the via driver is still under heavy development. Several people have or had problems with it, including Matt Dillon, Alan Cox. Since last week the Unresolved drm Symbols problem has been fixed, but the Server still crashes.
Other XFree86 bugs are reated to the VIA driver:

  • 812 VIA Modeselection problems.
  • 813 Via driver on km400 laptop results in blank lcd

I decided to wait until some of these issues are resolved and the submitted patches found their way into Xfree86 CVS, because with all the posted patches this is a patch merging hell.
In one of the bugs Egbert Eich pointed to a wiki article that explains how to debug the XServer. I will continue reading it when I will enter the next round fighting with the via driver