Locations you should try to avoid

On Saturday I visited the “Gerngross”, a Shoppingcenter on the Mariahilferstrasse. From the 5. floor you have a nice outlook over Vienna. There are several Restaurants like the Akakiko and the Bar/Cafe “City Lights”. If there are no free tables at the Akakiko and you are forced to visit the “City Lights”, be prepared:
1. Take a biro with you, because otherwise the waitress will not be able to write down your orders.
2. Eat and drink something before, because there is no guarantee that the waitress will ever visit your table. (No waving and shouting does not help).
Luckily we got a table at the Akakiko before it was too late….

Knowledgebased Systems II

I am looking for a nice definition of the “Closed World Assumption”. [Reiter 1978].
My try:
— Every Information, that can not be deduced from the knowledgebase, is assumed to be false –.

Maria’s Immaculate conception and Billa’s birthday

Today is Maria’s conception day, a half holiday in Austria. Half, because the shops are still open. Perhaps they should rename the day into “Billa’s Birthday”, because today you get a 10% discount at your local Billa Supermarket
[edited 2003-12-09]
Thanks to Horst for pointing out, that yesterday was not maria’s conception of jesus but the immaculate conception (3 Weeks pregnancy would be a bit short, even for a god). I must admit that my background is too protestant to understand this catholic “thing”. Read Wikipedia for a more detailed description