Stylesheet tuning

I blame the sheep, for spending the whole night tuning my blog’s stylesheets.
When I came home this evening, lofi had just started playing with his blog. (No link, I will wait until there is some content, that is worth linking). I noticed that my blog is looking very defaultish. I also felt an increasing dislike of the Times caps headings. So I started tuning, I took some ideas from lauri’s new design and I even digged out my old CSS Book (by Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos).
I have also noticed that there are at least two CSS Bugs in the new Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Now I am quite satisfied with the Index. What do you think about it?

Picture of my “Serverroom”

Equipped with a digicam and a pocket mirror, I made the second attempt to determine, if i have one of those problematic capacitors. The Nikon Coolpix 775 isn’t really able to take closeup pictures, but i finally succeeded. Unfortunately 3 of the 9 possible Capacitors are RLZ 0333. I have already sent an email to my supplier.
Here is a picture of my “server room”. You can see huckfinn, olga, polly, becky and the Laserprinter (from front to back).

package numbers

Just to have some nice content today, here are the numbers of packages per architecture produced by the last bento package cluster run:

i386 7905
sparc64 7346
ia64 7243
alpha 6253
amd64 5905

Since I fixed a lot of amd64 packages recently, with the next run, there could be more amd64 packages than alpha packages. I will keep you informed.


Today I received a parcel from Medion. It contained the replacement for an external hard disk, I bought in December, that didn’t work. It took a month until they got a replacement from Germany. But guess what happend when I plugged it in. Nothing. The new one is broken too :-(.
I am already hearing the voices: “You get what you pay for”, “Don’t buy hard disks at a supermarket”

arch detection in a configure script

Found by lofi in kdemultimedia:

AC_MSG_CHECKING(machine architecture)
ARCH_TYPE=`uname -m`
if test `uname -s` = "FreeBSD"
HW_MODEL=`sysctl -n hw.model`
case "$HW_MODEL" in
"Pentium II/Pentium II Xeon/Celeron")


Virii and Spam

Did I tell you how I hate all those virii? Even more than this Windows viruses.
Unfortunately Peter had to concede to the whining masses, who can’t use their email address to impress women or to get jobs, and softened the Anti-Spam checks. Now half of the FreeBSD developers spend their time with deleting Spam and improving their Spamfilters. (The other half spends their time surfing on orkut).
FreeBSD is dying!

System maintainance weekend

This weekend is system maintainance weekend on network.
I need to make world on all machines because of the recent FreeBSD Security Advisory (40% done), upgrade to KDE 3.2 (66% done). Additional I am migrating cvsup and NFS service from huckfinn to sauna.
And there are various other cleanups that need to be done, since I haven’t done any maintainance the last few months


Kweather says its 16� outside, thats around 6 degrees too warm. Additional the sun shines. It feels like springtime in February. Where are my sunglasses?

orkut madness II

Surfed on orkut today. Noticed I am connected via 4 hops to Wesley Clark, one of the democratic party’s US President nominations.
Note: This profile is being managed for Wes Clark by Cameron Barrett, an employee of his campaign. It is official.
The profile isn’t very verbose. I have learned that he is loving pets and that he classifies himself as clever. He has joined the communities “Clark for Prez”, “Clark04”, “Military technology” and “Bush is stupid”.
Yeah, politics of the 21. century. Luckily it doesn’t look like he is going to win, he has only 141 orkut “friends”.