Why am I always doing something at the last minute?

I might as well copy&paste the entry from April.
Today, in fact yesterday or half an hour ago, was the deadline to submit a document for the “Folgenabsch´┐Żtzung von IT” course. I had the whole month time to work on this document, but i started yesterday at around 14.00.
Of course my document is very short, in German and of poor quality. But finally, now the real holidays start (including upgrading my CURRENT boxes to gcc 3.4 and start ports fixing)
BTW. This is the first time i have used Quanta to write an HTML document. It crashed once (I can’t remember my gvim crashing), but luckily it recovered most of the unsaved document. The UI is cluttered with a lot of non-intuitive useless controls, but the tag autocompletion is something you can get used to.