routed & RIP

My home network gets more complicated with every device I add.
I made a new network diagram of my home network.
I am currently trying to use RIP via routed to announce the routes to the different networks (WLAN, FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet, FirewireEthernet and Internet). Unfortunately the documentation of routed on the internet is not very good. The Linux routed although based on the original BSD routed has diverged a lot from the current FreeBSD routed especially the syntax of the config file. Additional most people just start routed and it works, so there are very few /etc/gateways sample files on the net.
Currently announcing of the local networks works, but the default route isn’t propageted the right way (always prefer the cable-networks over the wireless networks). Maybe one reason is, that my ADSL router doesn’t announce the route to the Internet.

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Feedbag Error

Today I reinstalled iChat, because I read, that iChat works with ICQ (well sort of) and because the MacOS Software Update program always suggest downloading the iChat security update. While trying to configure it, I got a strange bug:
Very funny translation error *lol*

Fare dodging in Vienna

Vienna has an excellent public transport system and tickets are reasonable cheap, so many people living in Vienna have an annual ticket and there are very few ticket inspectors called “Schwarzkappler”.
Some people even considered starting an insurance that pays the extra fees if you get caught.
Although I use the subway nearly daily it happens sometimes that i don’t meet a ticket inspector for months. But sometimes you meet them everytime you enter the subway. There seems to be a rule of thumb that in the week before university starts or in the first week of the university holidays all employees of the Wiener Linien are trying to catch fare dodgers. (I wonder what they are doing the rest of the time).
From my experience the “safest” vehicle is the tram, especially in the Rush hour. Next is the S-Bahn in the City, as most of the �BB inspectors are starting to control tickets shortly before the S-Bahn leaves the City (Zone 100). Buses are only safe in the Rushhour, and most dangerous is the subway.
The most dangerous stations are Schottentor, Karlsplatz and L�ngenfeldgasse, because there are very few exits for a lot of people changing trains.