Safari picky

Thanks to Safari I discovered a missing </ul> tag. Mozilla and Konqueror displayed everything right, but Safari messed the layout wrong. First I blamed the last Safari security update, but looking closely, I discovered my bad.

Blogshares and Powerlaws

After I commented out the Blogshares icon a few days ago, because it did not work, I visited the site today, to see whats going on. Blogshares is down because of Technical problems and may or may not come back soon. Of course furious debates and flames are going on in the forum. In one posting I found a link to an interesting article by Clay Shirky about Weblogs and Power laws. Obviously this weblog will never become popular, since it started too late :-). dead :-(

Since yesterday is dead. The DynamicDNS provider decided that he needs to earn money. This is second time this happened to me, I really need a better solution.
Several service of mine are affected like:

  • The hostname is the primary MX for It will probably take until Monday until this gets fixed. Please use other emailadresses instead like
  • This weblog. I am currently grep’ing through /usr/local/www to find all places where MT hardcoded the link in. A Rebuild unfortunately didn’t change everything
  • Links from third party sites, like Google, so probably at the moment no one will read this entry 🙂

procmail statistics

On Saturday I introduced a bug into my .procmailrc which resulted in all my mails being stored in a Folder called “Sender: ” (exercise to the reader: What did I wrong). This is interesting, because I can now say how many emails I get (including spam and mailinglists). The number is impressive: ca. 20/hour. I can easily spent the whole day reading email if I read everything I receive :-).