upcoming KDE 3.2

KDE 3.2 was released yesterday. This time the ports were not ready in time. One of the reasons, I tried not getting involved this time. But we are nearly done. I am currently testing. So I guess we should be done until tomorrow.


Like nearly Everyone, I got invited to Orkut. Because I read Horsts article I only filled in the required fields. The Website is running on ASP, very un-geeky. Of course I managed to get “Service unavailable” several times during the registration process.

version number mistake

Probably every opensource developer makes this mistake once. Releasing a new version of his program, without bumping the version number in the “About Dialog”. I have always wondered how that could happen. Now I managed it myself in a very stupid way. The rsscript ran successfull in the test environment. I bumped the version in CVS. I discovered a last minute bug, corrected it direct on the testserver and copied the testversion into the development environment and didn’t look careful enough at the cvs diff. D’oh!

le got a commit bit

Yesterday le got his new commit bit. Now Wien-Hernals has two committers, which is a quite high committer-density.
We are now waiting for his first pointy hat to arrive ;-).