After talking about real money yesterday. This next entry will be about virtual blogshares. You probably noticed the new button on the lower left. I didn’t really understand the concept, but obviously Rob is a professional blogshare player since he already bought shares from this blog.

Everybody has it.

Yeah I am a victim of group pressure. Because nearly every blog I am reading, has a GeoURL, I finally added the funky green button to this site.
Also I got my first Trackback URL, thanks Lauri. (No I still don’t understand the concept)

Too many RSS feeds

I just added jule’s RSS feed. I noticed that the RSS column is a lot larger than the articles. (That’s why I am writing this entry :-). I reduces the displayed Headlines, but that didn’t change much. I need to think about something else.
Tomorrow starts my 7. term at university so I spent my day preparing my schedule, checking news on university homepages etc.
The other remarkable event today was, that I paniced a Project machine for the first time. While testing KDE on FreeBSD/ia64 suddently didn’t answer. Luckily Marcel Moolenaar was already awake and rebooted it after only a short downtime.


le notified me, that it was not possible to post a comment to my blog due to misconfiguration. I used my local hostname instead of my official hostname.
Please try to post a comment to this article. It should be fixed now.

Hero of the day: le

le has found the bug in the RDF feed that confused his rssfetch-perlscript. After the fix was committed by simon, I am now able to offer links to the FreeBSD Newsflash.
Now he only needs to fix his own Feed….
With perl -w you get the following Warnings:.
Use of uninitialized value in exists at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/XML/ line 1432.

What happend?

The first day without an enty, am I loosing interest?
Well no, but yesterday I was too busy to add anything.
I borrowed the RDF Feed idea from le’s blog and so now you can read the
latest headlines from his blog on the right.
I also discovered the first bug in MT. Umlauts in the Headline cripple the rdf
stream :-(.
Additional one of my harddisks died probably because it got too hot. Luckily no
important data was lost. I sent it to Maxtor, hopefully I will get a Replacement.

Second Entry

The Second Entry is a critical one. A Blog having more than one Entry looks like a Blog that is actually used.
Adding a second Entry is hard work for the brain, “Oh, I have a Weblog? What was the URL again?”. Especially if it is as hot as today. (Kweather is showing 32�C).
A more serious problem: Writing “First Post!” is easy, but the Followups should
at least contain some content. So here is what happend since yesterday:
During fiddling with the Layout I noticed that my Server was quite unresponsive.
First I thought this was because of the regular tasks usually running between 3 and 4 am, but after some Investigation i noticed that the machine is swapping like hell. Well 64MB RAM isn’t much for a machine running my Mailserver, a SQUID, an INN, an NFS Server and several other services.
Unfortunately the Chaintech 5TTM1 Mainboard supports only 2x32MB SDRAM.
So no additional RAM for poor huckfinn. After some discussion with wca on IRC
I stopped the rpc.statd which consomed 270MB for just sitting there.
Now the biggest consumer is the INN with around 60MB, but there is no easy way to reduce that one.
I further plan to move the NFS and FTP Service to my new Server, that I want to buy soon.

First post!

Okay I think I have found my favorite blog. MT is in the ports collection, so
really easy to install. It is simple but has also a lot of features.
The default stylsheets are ugly, but after refreshing my CSS knowledge I got something that looked useful.