Important Jubilee dates missed

I just noticed I missed two important dates:
Tuesday last week I completed my first year as a FreeBSD committer. It has been an impessing time. I spent a lot of time and learned a lot of stuff. Unfortunately at the moment I have to focus on university, so I doubt I can commit that much in the upcoming year…:-(
And yesterday I added my 40. blog entry. This is blog stuff is getting serious. I hope my english improves while writing the next 40 blog entries, so I don’t have to look up that many words on LEO.


Spent this weekend upgrading all my machines to the latest patchlevels after
recent security problems:
sauna and annamirl are running 5.1-RELEASE-p10 now. huckfinn is running 4.9-RC. I tried updating polly last weekend, but because ATAng doesn’t run on her, her CURRENT is still a month old.
While compiling I read some university stuff and I started reading Karl May books again, after my sister told me that quite a lot of them are available from ebay.


I spent my holidays last week on Baltrum, a small island in the North Sea. It belongs to the East Frisian islands. Reaching it by train is a long journey, since the trains in East Frisia are slow and stopping at every milk can. From Norden you have to take the bus to Nessmersiel were you enter the ferry.
Weather was beautiful, the Beach broad, and the North Sea surf was inviting. Maybe I will make some photos available later.
You can eat excellent fish everywhere, but unfortunately most restaurants are closing at 21.00, so it is not easy to get something to eat at night. I can recommend Café Kluntje.