They want you …

I just noticed i haven’t written about this. I am going to quit my job at TU Vienna end of next month.
So we are currently looking for my successor. In case you want a boring bureaucratical 20h/week job, send me your application 🙂
You should have basic english knowledge, good TCP/IP, Ethernet and WLAN knowledge and you should not be afraid of Ciscos :-). It helps if you are familiar with common Operating Systems (like Linux, Solaris, Windows or Mac OS X) and if you are able to do some script language programming like Perl, Python or something else.
An air-conditioned office at TU Vienna, at Karlsplatz right in the center of Vienna is awaiting you. Your Desktop has Dualscreen and excellent Internet connection (100Mbps). You can install any OS you like on it, as long as it has Ethernet/TCP/IP support and a Serial Port.
(Wow, this sounds so attractive I am tempted to apply myself 🙂

4 thoughts on “They want you …”

  1. That’s the point of advertisements, isn’t it, to leave out the important & not so good attributes 🙂
    This is a university, so you can’t expect to get rich, see this article for details on the financial situation of the austrian universities.

  2. Hehe, 170 Millions isn’t what I asked for – but I am getting the point. Why are you leaving anyways? What are you going to do?

  3. Why am I leaving? – I wrote about this before: here.
    What am I going to do? – I will continue studying and I will continue to work here

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