FM Radio in Vienna

While Googling for DVB-T (which recently started in Vienna) i found also this list of FM stations which broadcast around Vienna. Of course most are only available with special antennas.
When i was a teenager i sometimes liked to listen to obscure radio stations. My highlights at that time were “BFBS” (only on good weather conditions i could receive their Bremen FM signal) and Atlantic 252 a Music station on LW.
But when i moved to Austria there was FM4, so not much need for different stations. When Blumenau or Hermes are violating my ears i usually either switch to Orange 94.0 or NRJ.
Now i wonder what other stations are worth listening too. I know Fun Radio on 94.3 has sometimes good music (Yeah i should really learn a bit slovakian…) but i have no idea about the Czech or Hungarian stations that i should be able to receive without too much trouble. Any recommendations?