Guten Rutsch ins Jahr 1984 – 24C3 Day Four

I am back home and by now have recovered from 24C3.
On the last day I attended the following talks:
– GPLv3 – Praktische Auswirkungen
– Smartcard protocol sniffing:
– Ruby on Rails Security
After that i spend some time in the lobby recharging my laptop, and preparing for the way home. For the first time in several years i have taken the night train and arrived in Vienna on 31 at around 9ish.
I liked this congress better than the last time i was in Berlin 6 years ago. So i plan to attend the next one in December 2008.
Today i updated my last 6.x system to 7.0, the remote server. Recompiling the ports in all 4 jails is still in progress, so the system will be a bit slow on the weekend.