rssfetch 0.2.1

Today I worked on rssfetch, after I received my first bugreport by ak.

I made a lot of progress and I am very comfortable with the new version, since for the first time it parses all feeds from my blogroll. The only feed that needs a workaround was the feed, which is broken according to the W3C RDF validator.

Download the source


  • Add -c Option to specify the number of displayed items
  • Add workaround for broken feed. (It does not pass the W3C
    RDF Validator

  • Lots of fixes for the parser
  • Add -f Option to pass a feed URL via commandline
  • Fix Useragent string (submitted by AK)

TODO & Wishlist:

  • Configfile for Layout, Feeds und workarounds
  • More than one URL via commandline
  • Documentation