Where is all the snow gone…

Only 24 hours later all the snow is gone.
At the moment this blog is becoming a photoblog.
But I plan to write a longer article later today 🙂

3 thoughts on “Where is all the snow gone…”

  1. I don’t mind photo blogging, actually, and if my camera reader would work in FreeBSD, I think mine would turn out to have nothing *but* photos in it.
    I noticed the two photos were nearly identical, and it occurred to me you could do something really cool with “Arved’s Yard through the seasons” Actually, I probably could with all the pictures I’ve taken of my back yard.
    Also, I have a total thing for hedges like that, they’re so cute, especially when sprinkled with snow like that.

  2. My camera works with FreeBSD, as long as I plug it in before I power on the Machine. ums(4) isn’t really hot pluggable.
    The hedges are ivy. Especially the tree in the center is very impressive. I like that small garden very much.
    BTW, my flat is 2cm above the upper right corner
    of the photo

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