Time for a 90’s revival?

Lauri just wrote an entry about “The one and only”. I have been in a 90’s backflash too. The last weeks a band from Sweden called “Army of Lovers” was on my heavy rotation. They had a few hits in the beginning 90’s, most people remember “Crucified” and “Obsession”. I have two MC’s (yes this was the time, when I had no CD player), “Massive Luxury Overdose” and “The Gods of Earth & Heaven”. The official Homepage offers most of their gorgeous music videos for download. Only in stamp-size, but you can get the idea. Of course you will find MP3s in your favorite Peer2Peer-network.
It looks like they still have a lot of fans in Russia. But the new songs don’t have the magic of the old songs.

4 thoughts on “Time for a 90’s revival?”

  1. Do you know where I can get the *video* version of Obsession? I think it’s different (and better) than the single/album versions and never was able to find it.

  2. Hey cool, I didn’t guess, that anybody of my blogreaders (there aren’t many of them) does listen to AOL.
    AOL always published several versions of their Songs, partly with different female “singers” (well IMHO none of the girls could really sing, but that doesn’t really matter :-). For me the video versions are sounding very different, because the AOL videos are excellent examples of interaction between images and sound that makes up the story.
    The singles also contained a lot of different “mixes” targeting the discotheques.
    AFAIK there were two videos recorded. One with La Camilla and another rerecording with Michaela (for the US market). On the AOL website is the video of the US-version. I am not sure which version you have in mind, but you are probably like me more familiar with the original version with La Camilla, that I am still looking for on the internet.
    I am not sure were you can get the video version, because I am not yet an AOL expert, I had forgotten them for nearly 10 years but I am slowly catching up 🙂
    P.S. An orkut community was just started, so maybe some hardcore fans will join there, that know all such things.

  3. I am missing a bookmark feature for communities on orkut. Since there are a lot of communities, I would like to visit again later, but don’t feel comfortable with “joining” it. (You know, I am not really a fan of Vanilla Ice 🙂

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