From Gustav Klimt to Paul Klee

Today I visited the exhibitions at the Vienna Albertina. This was the second time i visited the Albertina after its reopening. (The first one was the Munch exhibition). I must say, I still don’t like the new renovated building. The room’s ceilings are too low for an old building. The rooms are dark, and too small for the masses of tourists. Additional the air conditioning was underdimensioned.
The only thing I like are the windows to the nice backyard.
The exhibition “Wotruba and Modern Art” which mostly contained images and sculptures of young men was not my taste.
The other exhibition “From Gustav Klimt to Paul Klee” contained a lot of paintings from different painters. I don’t like Klimt, but the ones from Kokoschka where quite interesting.
Since the entrance fee was 6,50 EUR for students, I can’t say it was worth it.