Why cook?

Andreas wrote about Making Sushi at home.
I am lazy, so i tested the Akakiko delivery service for the first time, as they started to deliver to my district recently. The food was ok, nearly like in the restaurants, although the packaging was not as stylish.
With the food I got three 100g pots of Wasabi radish with “Merry Chrismas” labels as a present. I am not sure, what I should do with these, since they expire in May.

3 thoughts on “Why cook?”

  1. Why cook?
    A simple question with a not so simple answer. You could ask: Why should i use Free Software? Why be Creative? and Why Live if all that awaits us is Death?
    Let me try to answer this question. Sometimes it is necessary to do something not to reach the goal, but to do it. Hiking is an example. Most people nowadays don’t hike to get somewhere, if they want to make miles they take the train or the bus. If you go hiking you often make a total of 0 Miles, cause in the end you get to where you started. So the Hiker seeks something else than a geographic goal. So is the Cook, Artist, Programmer, Lifeform. I like to cook, and getting my stomach filled with something is secondary. The primary goal is to do it. To get everything you need, to improvise, if you don’t get it, to cut it up, and to finaly assemble it to something more than it was before. Achieving something to eat is not my goal, if it were, i could simply call the sushi-service or pizza service, or even go to a Fast-Food Restaurant. I must admit i often do, but cooking yourself is different. So Andy and you achieved different Goals, you got your stomach filled, and Andy his heart (and his stomach). His self made Maki looked wonderful, too bad i don’t like that sushi thingie too much, or i’d invite myself.
    InMyOpinion art is the process, the results is rubbish.
    hope that i found an answer to your question.

  2. We are in philosophic mood today, are we?
    The heading was just a translation of the Akakiko homepage “wozukochen.at”, no deep thoughts.
    If I have the time (usually not) and the shops are open (usually not when I am hungry), I like cooking myself and I really prefer self-cooked over fast-food.
    But I suck at cooking. According to my cooking teacher at school I got the worst grade she ever assigned in her life :-).

  3. hmm the mood is right. What i forgot is obviously you are not the first who doesn’t know what to do with wasabi labeled “merry christmas” with expiredate may 😉
    And just because someone says you are not good at something, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. As a cooking teacher, she judges the crap that is left behind, not the process.
    I always sucked at art at the scool, because mostly they did judge the result and not the process, this did not prevent me of creating art (i discontinued that as i moved to vienna.)
    Don’t mind teachers they often don’t got a clue of what they teach.

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