Why do “Morning shows” make my ear hurt?

My girlfriend used to wake up with the “ö3 Wecker” and Harry Reithofer. Everytime I hear him, I immediately feel the need to scream. I usually prefer FM4, because it plays better music, but in the morning they have a “Shower contest”, where people have to phone in and sing popsongs with shower background. *AAAAAAAAh*, if i want to listen to people unable to sing, I can switch to ö3 or “Radio Wien” instead. So why are they doing this? It is _not_ funny. Do I now have to get up before 6 o’clock, so that I can avoid all those morning shows on the radio?

3 thoughts on “Why do “Morning shows” make my ear hurt?”

  1. Here, in Upper Austria, I’m still able to receive the German radio station “B5 aktuell”, which brings news, only news and nothing but news. I like it, since I’m getting the latest news while getting up, and I’m not embarassed by some music I don’t like. Unfortunately, B5 aktuell is not an option for Vienna.

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