Falling in Love

For quite some time, I considered replacing huckfinn, my Gateway/Firewall/Router with something more silent. This old K6-200 system is now running nearly continously for seven years and has survived five relocations including the one from Germany to Austria in 2000. The fans are rattling and although it is currently located in my hall, I can hear it when I am lying in my bed trying to fall asleep.
One option would be an old Laptop, but there are not many laptops that I can plug three NICs into. Recently I have seen the VIA Epia Systems in action, and was quite impressed. Today I decided to order one. Nothing fancy, I don’t need a Hi-fi-look-alike for my living room. Just something small, that hopefully fits onto the window-sill (to improve WLAN performance in the garden).
This is also an excellent opportunity to upgrade my No.1 production system to FreeBSD-5.x.
Of course, instead of planning mprovments my Computer network i should think about the limits of n-dimensional functions, but that isn’t fun, and I have nearly three days to solve my assignments.

2 thoughts on “Falling in Love”

  1. Just remember one thing (chapter heading in our calculus II course):
    ‘Das Prinzip koordinatenweise (PKW)’

  2. Thanks :). This would have helped me two days a go. (Our Prof said nearly the same in yesterday’s lecture)
    Unfortunately I didn’t had time to continue work on these assignments (because there is still one equation from combinatorics unsolved), and now it is less than 13 hours, so I will have to get up around 6.am tomorrow to finish these.

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