I am addicted to liquorice. Unfortunately it is not easy to get Liquorice in Austria. Some SPAR supermarkets have “Haribo Color-Rado” but that’s not really special liquorice. The alternative is “Lakrits Båtar” from the IKEA food departement, which tastes very sweet, and I prefer it salty.
So in case you live in a country where you can get good liquorice, I am always grateful for donations. One of my favorites is “Spunk” from Denmark.
Today I surfed on and discovered an interesting flavor, i have not tasted yet: Liquorice with Green Tea. Since I like both, liquorice and green tea, i guess I will like that.
Something I have not seen here at all is liquorice liqueur (tongue twister :-). My Favorites were Dirty Harry and “Hot n�Sweet Vodka Shot” (no Website found, but you can get it at World of Sweets)
In case I am getting tired of computers, I will probably start an Liquorice Import company

4 thoughts on “Liquorice”

  1. my relatives/family/me is/are/am from finland – next time I get a CARE packet from their I�ll share some items with you. especially salmiakki – a flavoured prebottled vodka liquor, and the salty “sweets” 😉
    (I don�t like the sweet ones too)

  2. Forgot:
    I don’t think a liquorice import company will be successful in Austria. I know nobody except myself (well, and you) who actually likes the stuff. In fact, I know a lot of people who hate it.
    The “Gott” sweets sold at Ikea have salty liquorice in them, but also some other strange sweets that taste a lot like detergent (and I don’t mean salmiakki). And “Engel Ecke” on Alser Strasse have various types of liquorice. The sweet shop at Schottentor tram station also sells salty liquorice.
    Salmiakki are next to impossible to get, but then I’m not sure I like them anyway. I don’t really fancy the idea of ingesting ammonia.

  3. Horst, on the other side, liquorice loweres the testosterone level, so it should also reduce hair loss.
    Thanks for the hints, I have not noticed these sweet shops, although I am passing by there nearly every day.

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