Boxes or No Boxes?

Another new item was added to the sidebar. Now I finally have a “Recent Comments” section. I wanted this, because today I got a comment to an older entry. I removed the “Recent Entries” section, because the sidebar was too long, and I never understood why this is needed, the recent entries are already on the right.
A great resource for extending your MT Blog is the MT Wiki, but the example code for “Recent Comments” was wrong, it was a “Recent Comments to Recent Entries” algorithm. Luckily I found a different approach on another blog
BTW, I am not quite sure, if these boxes get updated, if i post a comment, or if i have add a cronjob for automatic rebuilds. I will have to test this.
Now why is this title “Boxes or No Boxes”. I first added the black boxes around external content. Do you think I should add the black boxes to the other sections too, or do you think they are ugly and should be removed? I am currently tending to ugly, but my mood has changed several times today.
My Word of the day is: Tag Soup

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