Eyecatching T-shirt

Today, I went to university with the pkgsrcCon T-shirt. Although it was quite cheap and I don’t like the backside, a lot of people on the Subway looked at it, and at university some people asked questions about pkgsrc.
Probably because pkgsrc is a word with a lot of consonants :-).

6 thoughts on “Eyecatching T-shirt”

  1. The OpenBSD T-Shirts look really proffessional, compared to the other BSDs T-Shirts.
    But I am still having a Problem wearing, or even buying one, because I don’t like the OpenBSD attitude.

  2. Nor do I like the OpenBSD attitude, but the T-shirts look cool. So cool that even my brother, who has absolutely no clue about OpenBSD, likes wearing them.

  3. Even my Girlfriend wears OBiSD t-shirts.
    It’s totally separated from the os i think. (though i use it for some stuff)

  4. Any tips for decent european online stores with BSD/UNIX/opensource T-shirts which ship without problem to countries of Union?

  5. As already emailed, I only know of two sources. kd85 for OpenBSD/SSH t-shirts and kernel concepts for KDE and other t-shirts.

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