Wisdom tooth

My Wisdom tooth started moving today. Hopefully I don’t end up at the dentist emergency service over the weekend. My dentist wanted to remove it a year or two ago, but i declined and usually I know best about my teeth.
The Blogosphere today writes about MovableType 3.0 and its licensing. Looks like they are trying to dos sixapart with trackbacks. One of the more interesting articles was written by Timothy Appnel, who wrote the perl Module that powers my Blogroll. Luckily I am not affected by the License change, since I am running only one blog.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom tooth”

  1. Speaking about wisdom teeth, I can recommend you a good butch^Wdentist… 😉
    No really, wisdom teeth are a relic of the evolution of mankind, and nobody really needs them. So far, I only had good experience with removing them (at least two so far).

  2. Well, there are a lot more parts of my body that are useless, but there is no need to remove them, unless they hurt. I would like to keep all pieces of myself together,

  3. I’ve been at the dentist on monday just for the usual check … and he told me that I should get rid of my wisdom teeth, too. Unfortunatly (hm, fortunatly I guess) I left Germany the day after that so he didn’t have a change to get started 🙂

  4. Went to the dentist the other day. I Told him that my lower back tooth is hurting. He told me that it is my wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled. I made a appointment for Tuesday of next week. wish me luck.

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