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Last weekend I visited Frankfurt. Nice weather, 25�C and i got a sunburn while watching the skyscrapers from the roof of Maintower, the second highest building in Frankfurt. My camera was nearly confiscated when i took a picture of the security checks at Maintower entrance. Luckily I was able to persuade them that I deleted the picture.
So here are two pictures:
Frankfurt City
You can find more and better pictures especially of the skyscrapers on Rob’s site.
Back in Vienna, it is raining again. So the best weather for starting the final part of this term. I will start learning Math immediately after writing this blog entry, so don’t expect much in the next two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Back from .de”

  1. Don’t these security guys know, that there exist several neat CF- recovery tools? The thing you should have done is exchange the CF and recover the photograph 😉
    There seem to be still some people believing in security by obscurity.

  2. I wrote “I was able to persuade them” :-).
    In fact I don’t even know how to delete a picture on my camera via the onscreen-menu. I always delete them when I upload them to my computer.
    But the photo doesn’t show anything interesting, so I haven’t published it here.
    (If you are a terrorist and interested in the picture, contact me offline 🙂

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