Voting marathon month

This month I have to vote three times.
On Sunday the local computer club CNGW votes a new board. Recently the Mailinglist exploded as people discussed the clubs appearance on the recent Linux event, which turned into flames about the boards work. Although I haven’t been involved into Linuxwochen, this was the final kick for the decision to decrease my engagement. Hopefully a lot of motivated members show up, that are interested in working on the board.
The FreeBSD project’s Core Team elections are just about to start. Currently candidates are sending in their applications. At the moment most candidates are either members of core.3 or youngsters. Hopefully over the weekend a few more candidates will appear, as there are still empty seats in my dream-core.
And finally the Memebers of the European Parliament will be elected in two weeks. As always in RL-austrian politics the election campaigns are ridiculous, which makes it hard for voters with a brain to chose their favorites.

3 thoughts on “Voting marathon month”

  1. ad CNGW: I am looking forward to sunday, could be fun, i understand any board member who wants to lay down their work, IMO they did a great work. Perhaps some people should think of where the C does come from.
    ad European Parliament: The thing is, you have to vote european not nationalistic. But the campaigns are all together nation based. The european parliament members of austria do _not_ speak for austria, they do speak for europe. the austrian parliament speaks for austria, as the german speaks for germany and so on. But people do not understand this, and the political parties show no will to clearify that. IMO election of the european parliament is a more important election as the election of national parliaments, for all the important stuff is discussed eu-wide. (e.q. PNR, SWPAT, Anti-Privacy^WTerror stuff)

  2. CNGW isn’t able to vote a new board it will re-vote the same board.

  3. Well I always detested organized Chaos, so maybe i am part of the wrong organization.
    I 100% agree to your comment about the EP elections
    @Stefan: We will see..

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