EuroBSDCon talks and tutorials

I just noticed that the EuroBSDCon Website was updated and now contains descriptions of the scheduled talks and tutorials. BTW the Website is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. Why couldn’t they keep the nice clean layout of the last con?

I am a bit disappointed, there are less FreeBSD topics than two year ago.

I am considering booking the IPv6 Tutorial, it looks quite promising.
Other talks that sound interesting:

  • Running the NetBSD Kernel as a Server Personality on Top of the L4 Microkernel
  • Crossbuilding NetBSD packages, although it is probably similar to the one Krister held at pkgsrccon
  • Implementation of OpenBSD’s bgpd
  • brooks’ talk on Dynamic Interfaces
  • And probably one of those pf/altq Firewall talks

Looks like there will be a lot of time for hanging around.