Current reading

I spent most of the weekend reading, as I got a lot of books as birthday gifts, and didn’t had the time to read them last month.
First Haruki Murakami’s “Underground”. A book about the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo Subway by the Aum Shinrikyo cult. It is very thrillilng to read especially when you are sitting in a subway. I like the philosophising eastern, a bit depressive style of the author, I think i will try to read more books from him.
The second book was “Spies” by Michael Frayn. Although most reviewers on the Internet seem to like the book, i found it difficult to read, as it is constantly switching between an old man remembering his childhood and the young boy who lives his childhood. The story is fascinating, but the end reads like the author went out of paper.
Today I read Willem Elsschot’s “Cheese”. This is one of the most important dutch books, but i didn’t like it either. According to the reviews it should be humorous, but i was rather bored and annoyed. Luckily it was rather short.
Now the only unread book in my bookshelf is a Terry Pratchett “The Science of the Diskworld”…