What a nice long german word. Today I got three letters from the tax office titled “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2000”, “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2001/2002” and “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2003”, the result of my income tax assessment. I am not sure why they were not able to send one single letter, although they were able to summarize the results into one “Buchungsmitteilung”.
I am glad, i am not working as a tax collector since i didn’t understand much from reading the 15 pages and i am not sure what happens now. In the best case the finance office transfers me 1599.06 EUR or 1442,38 EUR (if they keep the interest). In the worst case nothing happens or i have to pay 35,44 EUR (the result of 2003).
Starting with 2003 it is possible to do the income tax assessment online via Finanz-online, but it doesn’t look like it would simplify the process. Someone needs to tell them that an email address containing a “+” is valid and that it is bad practice to display passwords in clear text on the screen.