10 years FreeBSD ports

On August 21 1994 Jordan K. Hubbard committed the first version of bsd.port.mk, which is the base of the FreeBSD ports system, to the FreeBSD CVS Repository. It was a 150 lines Makefile. Today there are 4910 lines, but large parts have been moved to seperate Makefiles.
Currently there have been 497 CVS revisons. Here is the list of people that did most of the commits:

260 asami
122 jkh
31 kris
24 obrien
22 marcus
22 ache

According to Freshports there are currently nearly 12.000 ports and it is still growing with a rate of 200/month.
Currently 150-170 active committers are keeping the ports collection up to date.
Happy birthday ports collection!