Berlin impressions

Here are some pictures from my Berlin journey two weeks ago:
This sign tells the people driving in a public transport bus, that there is an emergenty entrance. I have no idea why there needs to be an emergency _entrance_ and how it helps against racism and would be glad if someone could enlighten me.
Here we have a picture of the “Berlin wall” opposite of the Berlin wall museum.
You can see that the concrete is still fresh and there is no graffiti on it. Looks like too many tourists stole a piece of the “original” Berlin Wall, so the museum had to build a new one.

2 thoughts on “Berlin impressions”

  1. It always amuses me that some folks think germans are humourless. Every german (or austrian) I know is drop dead funny with a dry and slightly cynical sense of humour 🙂
    I just thought I’d randomly say that here, I’m in a slightly random mood today. Perhaps that will keep me safe from racist attacks.

  2. beeble resolved the mystery of the Emergency Entrance. The sign was on the wrong side of the window and should encourage victims of racist attacks to enter the bus and ask the bus driver for help.
    The Website Kampagne Noteingang Berlin has more information in German.
    But I wonder if the bus drivers are able to help, if they are unable to put the sign on their bus correctly.

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