Austria lost against Poland in football.

I am usually not interested in austrian football. My girlfriend told me that it was a nice match, Austria “nearly” won.
Nice excerpt from IRC:

10:27 -!- oleczek [^] has joined #bsdaustria
10:27 < oleczek> guten tag everybody
10:29 <@uza> hey oleczek
10:29 < latoya> oleczek is trying to compile that new, cool window manager
10:29 < oleczek> I like your bot, it’s amazing.
10:30 < oleczek> latoya: I want to say our team which isn’t that fantastic won
yesterday with your (football)
10:30 < latoya> oleczek: excuse me?

One thought on “Austria lost against Poland in football.”

  1. A friend of mine, who comes from Poland, was at my place yesterday, and we were watching the last 15 minutes of the game. And even though Poland won, he was ranting and making fun of the team all the time. Then after the actual game, we were making fun of Prohaska’s totally messed-up grammar and the totally senseless interviews (so many people say something into the mic when they don’t have to say anything).

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