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Here are my short, badly formatted notes on jkh’s keynote.
– showed a few stats, that BSD is the most common used UNIX (even more than Linux). 12.5 Million MacOS X users (Gartner Group?), 2.5 Million FreeBSD users (netcraft).
– introduced the BSD parts of MacOS X and IOKit.
— Tiger will have UFS2 Userland based on FreeBSD 5.1
– outlined parts where Mac OS X is ahead of the BSDs, and where BSDs
needs work to stay state of the art
— Authentification ACLs, nsswitch, OpenLDAP and Co.
— Sound, FreeBSD users play mp3 and …mp3
— *BSDs don’t support embedded machines without MMU (e.g no NetBSD on the IPOD)
— Standards UNIX 03, Common Criteria etc.
— Rendevouz
– Apple using OpenGL helps people avoiding DirectX
– promises that Apple will try to cooperate better with the OSS and more actively push back changes..
– He will continue to advocate UNIX and OSS inside of Apple. In the earliy 10.0 days he had to persuade people inside Apple needed to be persuaded to ship, today it is getting more popular.
–> promised to put slides later onto the Conference Webpage
BTW there are nearly more Macs than FreeBSD Laptops attending.
BTW2. If you are at the Conference and use a Mac, you can fix my notes using SubEthaEdit.

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  1. Just a few corrections (and I wish the conference organizers would put my slides up, so you could more easily reference my keynote material!)
    1. The OSX stats weren’t from the garnter group, they are Apple collected stats.
    2. I never said that Tiger would have UFS2. Not sure HOW you got that impression. 🙂
    3. I said that NetBSD would never run on machines *like* the iPod without MMU-less embedded system support. I wasn’t implying that the iPod should specifically be a goal, and was merely contrasting NetBSD to Linux in this regard.
    4. I wasn’t at Apple in the 10.0 days and was not part of the decision to ship Terminal (nor did I say I was), I simply said that there was an initial reluctance to do so and that this had changed significantly over time
    If you want to see my slides on the conference web page, please bug the conference organizers. I gave them the slides, but they didn’t put them there. 🙂 Thanks…
    – jordan

  2. Thank you very much, for correcting me!
    I put my incomplete notes online, because I didn’t found any news items at daemonnews & Co about the conference.
    I am quite sure you said something about that work is done on porting UFS2 to Apple or i confused this with rwatson who needed UFS2 for SE/Darwin for extended attributes support.

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