Annamirl reloaded

More than one year ago, my old Laptop had an accident which resulted in a broken pccard slot. Just when i bought USB NICs it stopped booting at all.
Last week a PR about FreeBSD’s broken USB support for this laptop was closed. So I decided to do a last attempt to rescue annamirl from the dead.
I removed all remaining pieces of the PC-Card slot and it now boots again. Unfortunately I had to remove the keyboard ribbon cable from the mainboard and I haven’t figured out how to reconnect it. So I am now updating it with an external keyboard.
I will try to upload pictures later.

One thought on “Annamirl reloaded”

  1. I was able to reconnect the keyboard after reopening the whole laptop again (around 30 screws). Unfortunately while closing it, i lost a screw in the case and now it doesn’t work anymore. I will have to rereopen it again and remove that screw 🙁

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