EuroBSDCon reprise II

There is now another article on ONLamp about EuroBSDCon, Inside EuroBSDCon by Federico Biancuzzi.
Since writing comments to the article seems to be broken, he gets a Trackback.
Federico, I think at the moment the target audience is quite clear, people that care enough about BSD to spend at least 600 Euro to attend a BSD conference. This includes developers and interested users and companies. And I prefer to listen to talks of developers like rwatson at EuroBSDCon.
But I agree, that there are possibilities to save money. E.g. IMHO there is no need for the conference to take place in a 4+ stars hotel. For most people a three stars hotel is enough. And the conference rooms could as well be in a university, school or education company.
Of course EuroBSDCon should not replace local conferences targeting newtobsd users.

2 thoughts on “EuroBSDCon reprise II”

  1. Hey, 600 euro is what some people in East EU countries earn in 2 months of work. In Italy if you’ve just got your degree you’ll probably earn 1500euro/month for your first job.
    600 euro for 2 days ?
    Also some talks got cancelled at the last minute and some were boring (I mean nothing new).

  2. At the moment I work only parttimes, so 600 Euro is nearly a month’s salary. But there is only one EuroBSDcon/year, so i think the money is worth spent.
    I am all for paying the travel expenses for the speakers Or/And starting a sponsoring program for people from poor countries.
    But without big companies sponsoring the event i see not much chance to lower the fee below 150EUR without lowering the standard.

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