FreeBSD 5.3 in the press

Today I received the latest c’t magazine. It featured a two pages article about FreeBSD 5.3 by Bj�rn K�nig. Unfortunately the article is very bad. Even myself as a developer had problems understanding what the author was talking about. The content of the article is basically a mixture of BSD History, excerpts from the official press release and some passages from the handbook plus a wrong BSD Family tree and the standard daemon image. Although the author posts to BSD Newgroups and Mailinglist frequently, he didn’t wrote anything about his personal experience with FreeBSD, did he even tried to install version 5.x? As a FreeBSD Newbie I am missing information about the installation (screenshots :-), as a FreeBSD 4.x user I am missing information about the differences between 4.x and 5.x. And as a hacker i am missing information about new features in the kernel.
I tried to find a better article on the web, but unfortunately the press section of the FreeBSD website is two months out of date. And the articles on were all not more than excerpts from the press release.
Same with the blogosphere. Some FreeBSD users saying “Cool!” and “Finally!”, but nothing substantial.
Can any of my readers point me to a good professional neutral review of FreeBSD 5.3? Or is FreeBSD really dying?

3 thoughts on “FreeBSD 5.3 in the press”

  1. arved, why would you need a professional view on FreeBSD? You are already advcating this OS – I think you got enough insight 🙂

  2. Well, the problem is, not everyone eventually interested in FreeBSD reads this lonely blog
    (and i really hope this will not happen, because that would overload my ADSL line 🙂
    Oh, yeah and even if i had the time, writing an article myself, I suck writing good articles and my opinions are totally biased. I do not want good press. An article like “I installed FreeBSD 5.3 on this hardware and made this and that observations” would be fine too.

  3. DanielSeu pointed me to a thread on where the author agrees that the article misses his target group and that he is planning to write a more practical article on BSD firewalls for one of the next issues

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