and Next Generation Media players

I tried to use and audioscrobbler in September but failed.
After reading Rob’s entry about I tried again to get it working and this time I succeeded. Now I just need to find a way to integrate the audioscrobbler RDF feed into my page. (Unfortunately they are using the description tag instead of the title tag, so py-rssfetch does not produce good looking output).. When it works, the “Now playing!” has the latest songs from my playlist. (The CGI is a bit slow, because it is fetching the RSS feeds live, which takes quite a while over my slow ADSL line)
I added the XMMS/BMP scrobbler plugin yesterday to the FreeBSD ports, it still crashes sometimes. The other audioscrobbler-aware Mediaplayer is amarok from CVS and rumours are GNOME rhythmbox also has a plugin, but i never tried that one. works best with good ID3 tags, but unfortunately libmusicbrainz, which automagically fixes your tags, is broken on FreeBSD 5.x, so I have to handedit my ID3 tags.
Next to scrobbler and musicbrainz i discovered another killer feature in amarok. It is able to grab the Cover Images from amazon and Lyrics from a Lyrics website. So Digital Music finally catches up with CD-booklets from the 1990s.
BTW, To become my favorite mediaplayer, amarok just needs to become much more stable (it crashes so horribly that gdb gives up too) and it needs a better UI, especially the KDE sidebar tab widget ist just intuitive.
I have isolated one in the Tag Editor, hopefully Scott Wheeler will find the real fix soon.