My first record

Miss Understood wrote about her first record, and i tried to remember which was the first one i bought with my pocket money. I remember my first LP, which was Billy Joel’s “Stormfront” in 1989 but i can’t remember my first single. (Well, a nice first single would have been Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit” but it was released 3 years too late.)
My first music MC was IIRC OMD – “Sugar Tax” 1991. My first CD was Dire Straits – “On the night”, 1993 played on my Mitsumi 1xCD-ROM drive. Allthough my first mp3 appeared on my harddisk most likely after 1998 i have no idea what that might have been.

One thought on “My first record”

  1. Hey, OMD is very fine. I even remember my first MP3, it was Bloodhound Gang – Fire, Water, Burn and i got it in 1998 because i was looking for this track for a long time but didn’t want to buy the whole album. A friend of mine hence sent me a link and i downloaded it from the internet (puuh, that was slow), maybe this was the first illegal action i did on internet two :))

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