Today my collegues asked me, if i will ever finish a new version of the Kernzeitapplet, as they made several suggestions and bug reports. Obviously the source is not enough to get them into fixing it themselves.
I have been away from #kde-freebsd for several months and have unsubscribed the kde-devel Mailinglist.
Now it is quite difficult to catch up with everything i have forgotten. The webcvs mirror is down. The KDE Subversion Howto does not check out anything on my machine and the other Howtos and Tutorials are still outdated and incomplete like one year ago and the KDE wiki is a joke 🙁
I need to figure out how to sync the autotools Framework, as there have been several important fixes, e.g. for correctly detecting FreeBSD threading libraries.
I even tried to start all over again, but i couldn’t get kapptemplate to work.
Maybe I am just too tired…

4 thoughts on “Underdocumentation”

  1. Just copying over the admin/ directory from kde-common of KDE CVS (or from a 3.4 package) and running make -f Makefile.cvs should be enough.
    btw: Still having the layout problem? I could look into it…
    btw2: In Makefile.am that should be SUBDIRS (the S at the end is missing currently) and in kernzeitapplet.cc you must include !

  2. Thanks for the hints.
    If you have any ides how to improve the GUI I would appreciate it

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