A reason not to buy at amazon.

On February 22 i ordererd Stevens – “Unix Network Programming Vol. 1” at amazon. Today amazon wrote me an email, that they are sorry, they are not able to process my order, because it is out of stock.
If you click on the link above, you can see that the book is still in their catalogue and they claim to deliver within 6 days.

3 thoughts on “A reason not to buy at amazon.”

  1. You can try safari.oreilly.com where can read books online (not only oreilly books). If you buy the hard copy you get also 30% discount (also not only for oreilly books). But I’m not sure if your book title is available at oreilly. Give it a try.

  2. I doubt O’Reilly sells Prentice Hall books :-).
    Beside I am not going to get a credit card to try my luck with US shops, so i will probably visit the local bookshops soon.

  3. A local shop is always good 🙂
    But yes safari.oreilly.com offers Prentice Hall books and Addison Wesley and many other publishers. You can try it for free (without a credit card in the trial period) 🙂

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