New CDs

On Saturday I went to Mariahilferstrasse to buy CDs. The weather was nice and i got my first sunburn. I watched the Green Parties “street party” and wondered how many votes Monika Vana will cost the Greens in the next Viennese elections and I ran away when Hubsi Kramar interviewed a bad Jörg Haider imitator.
My visit to Saturn was successfull, thanks to the Recommendation list and barcode-CD Players (the first time I saw a working unit, before they were always out of order when i entered a shop) I was able to select 11 CDs for buying. Unfortunately you have to have sharp eyes for UnCDs even when browsing the special offers. I nearly bought a Mousse T. Un-CD for 7 Euros.
I spent today feeding my new CDs into my Minimac:

  • The Dresden Dolls – “The Dresden Dolls”: Nice Cover, and the Sound of the CD is better than the MP3s on the Net.
  • Evanescence – “Fallen”: Teenager Rock for Teenagers like myself.
  • MIA. – “Hieb & Stichfest”: Currently some people on audioscrobbler tried to vote MIA. to M.I.A., ignorants 🙂
  • Vanessa-Mae – “Subject to change”: This one actually should be sold under the Label “Youth”, as it mostly contains nice synthesizer music by youth.
  • Leftfield – “Rhythm and Stealth”: I am loving the fat Bass (although this one is not as good as “Leftism”)
  • Markscheider Kunst – “Na Svyazi”: Russian Ska. Kvaza Kvaza is a very catchy tune.
  • Franz Ferdinand – “Franz Ferdiand”: keeps recomending them, and i can’t say anything againt them. “Take me out” is my favourite.
  • The Glimmers – DJ Kicks: If i had not loved K7 before, they are printing big “No copy Protection” on their CDs. A strong reason to buy K7 CDs.
  • Erlend Øye – “DJ Kicks”: Strange Norwegian DJ, that tries to sing 80s-tunes to Dancefloor music.
  • Russendisko Volume 2: As usual Volume 1 was better, but i will probably find some gems on this cd after i have listened to it more often. Unfortunatly no female voices this time.