Cologne is one of the ugliest town in Germany. You have to drink large quantities of K´┐Żlsch to avoid getting depressive. I will upload some pictures later this week.
Today I am back, catching up emails and stuff (*). My parents are visiting me for a few days, and i have started to rearrange the furniture in my flat.
* When i have moved my computers out of the kitchen I will have to update the Minimac, because Peter Grehan fixed detection of the CD-ROM drive.
Other interesting email: kris’ slides of his BSDCan talk about the FreeBSD package cluster.
Some patches to the FreeBSD sound system to improve telephone application like skype with onboard soundchips like the VIA 8233. Marius hacked Xorg to work on sparc64-systems with ATI cards.
And there is a nice Free vs. OpenBSD flameware happening on the FreeBSD and OpenBSD mailinglists.

One thought on “Cologne”

  1. I am afraid the link to the flamewar is not working properly.
    Hrm, I wonder you dislike Cologne so much, I must admit I have only visited the nightlife of it so far but as far as I can remember I loved it…

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