Throwing stuff away

Today I was looking for the manual of my 17″ monitor because I wanted to know the sync ranges, but i could not find it, althouth i bought the monitor only 5 years ago.
But i stumbled over several pieces of obsolete Hardware, that was hidden in some corner. I am always having a hard time to throw away things, unless I am moving. When I am dying my flat will probably turned into a museum.
Today I finally decided to throw away a “Chello User Manual” from 2000.
I could not throw away two orginal Microsoft two button serial mice and I also kept the Parallel-Port Switch for four printers. I have also various ISDN Hardware which I will probably never use again, like an AVM A1 ISA ISDN Card, an ELSA USB ISDN Adapter and a Typhon PCMCIA ISDN Adapter and of course two Monitors (14″ and 15″).
Another item in my collection is a 250MB Streamer. And does anybody still need BNC Cables today? Does anybody remember the Iomega 100MB ZIP Drives?

One thought on “Throwing stuff away”

  1. Hey … BNC-Cables are still often used in videobusiness and in the company i work we have many of them … at least these things are important for something (even SDI-signals run over bnc-cables) …

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