Choclate penguin

Hm, the second penguin article this week, maybe i need a penguin category.
Today i touched a Fedora system for the first time. I installed a Linksys WLAN card via ndiswrapper, which was straight forwad and to my surprise seems to work, without recompiling a vanilla Linux kernel and stuff.
But then i tried to configure WEP: iwconfig crashed and on the second try the whole system got sluggish and failed to shutdown.
What really scared me was the graphical startup, which disallowed terminating hanging daemons by CTRL+C. Is there no other way to boot in case of DNS failure, but to run the interactive startup mode? (and Fedora starts a lot of strange daemons..)
And why don’t the startup scripts print out what they are going to launch, _before_ trying to start the hanging service? And why isn’t the hostname from /etc/sysconfig/network added to /etc/hosts?
I am now a much happier BSD user than before i touched the penguin.

2 thoughts on “Choclate penguin”

  1. .. this world is a heterogeneous one 🙂 – and at some points even I, as die hard openbsd dude, would take fedora.

  2. Weakling ;), btw. ndiswrapper support for wep varies from card to card, you did touch a mutated, mutilated resouce consuming penguin, if you really like to suffer try aix, after mainting aix for a while every open/free OS feels better than that crap

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