Laptop woes

Last week I dropped my Laptop from a table. Of course it fell on the WLAN card and the WLAN card nuked the PCMCIA Socket from the Mainboard. Luckily everything else still works. Now I can only communicate via the USB port.
So i bought an USB Ethernet adapter and an Wireless LAN adapter from Netgear. The Ethernet works with the FreeBSD axe(4) driver. To try Stuart Walshes atwi(4) driver with the WLAN adapter, I updated to CURRENT, which went suprisingly smooth. Unfortunately the Netgear MA111 doesn’t contain an Atmel Chipset like the MA101, so it doesn’t work. According to Google it uses a Intersil Prism chipset, so it should be possible to write a driver based on the wi(4) driver. Unfortunately I am bit short on time… (and lack any driver programming fu)